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Monday, November 2, 2009

Lesson #1 MODESTY

Well....we had a very successful King's Daughter meeting last Friday night. I haven't laughed that had in a long time. The girls really enjoyed it. Here are some highlighted things that we went over during our meeting.

Intro – Definition of MODESTY
 MODEST – Not conceited or vain, not self-assertive, not displaying ones body, freedom from exaggeration. Synonyms- Moderate, meek, delicate, humble, innocent. Antonyms- Conceited, boastful, arrogant, prideful, egotistic.
 I Tim. 2:9 gives us a command to be modest in all things
 I Pet. 2:9 Tells us that we are to be different from the world in the way we act, dress, talk, who we choose to be around, etc.
 A Christian woman should desire to dress and be modest in all things (not because it’s necessarily fun or easy sometimes, but because it pleases the LORD!!
 We need to dress in a manner that is pleasing to HIM!!
 The Bible says that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost!!! We need to Glorify him not Glorify our bodies. We need to point people to the Savior not to our hips, breasts, or butt.
 Your clothing should be a frame for your face not to be used to emphasize specific body parts.
 Ask yourself this question. Does God care more about fashion or modesty?

 How many of you want to marry a 100% Godly man?
 A popular saying concerning RELATIONSHIPS states “whatever bait you use determines the type of fish you’ll catch.”
 When young women dress provocatively it draws the attention of young men who are more interested in their bodies than their minds, heart or personalities.
 Many women think the way to find a man is to fix up the outward appearance while all- together neglecting the inward. Such aggressive women may very well find a husband but she won’t find a Godly one. She’ll find one of the world just like she is!!
 A 100% Godly man will see right through that kind of woman!! They will not want someone that looks and acts like the world.
 Prov. 31:30 says it best. “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

 To a Godly man a woman can be the most beautiful woman in the world but if she is LUEDE, SLOUCHY, FILTHY TALKING, ARGUMENTATIVE, CRITICAL, BOSSY, SILLY, SELF- PITTYED, LOUD MOUTH, OR DUMB she will not be attractive.
 Yes, guys do have a natural attraction to the look of the woman on the outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to expose yourself to create beauty.
 To a Godly man slutty clothes are nauseating!!! (if it’s not then he’s not where he needs to be with God and is not husband material yet anyway!) He’s NOT QUALIFIED!!!
A godly man is attracted to a woman who:
 Has a gracious manner.
 Is pleasant and cheerful with a healthy sense of humor.
 Is discreet in the use of her body.
 Has an upbeat, hopeful view of life.
 Is not easily distraught.
 Can express her personal vies without being forward or pushy.
 Has a good way with children.
 Is comfortable with herself as a woman.
 Has initiative and a healthy imagination.
 Is faithful and trustworthy with information.
NOW IT’S TIME FOR OUR MODEST IS HOTTEST FASHION SHOW……. Where all the latest fashions prove that modesty is in fact the way to go!!! Why, you say? Well let’s take a look at these not so lovely models and find out!! (encourage them to laugh and participate)

Things to Remember about MODESTY
o Modesty is not just with how you dress. It’s in speech, jewelry, makeup, perfume, etc.
o PERFUME - Someone once said “if your perfume enters the rooms before you do….you’re wearing TOO much!!” (The same goes for your fragrance lingering in a thick cloud after you’ve left a room.)
o MAKEUP- should be used to enhance not cover up.
o JEWELRY- Just remember - Don’t be Mrs. T
o SPEECH- Don’t be pushy, loud mouth, chatter box, filthy talking
We are to please God in every area of our live. As a Christian we are to represent Christ to a lost and dying world by daring to be different. Hold your head up high and lift up a standard of purity and holiness!!!!

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