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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Letter to Parents

Dear Parent,

I am so excited to tell you about The King’s Daughter’s, a group of young ladies ages 10-18 that will be meeting once a month at my house. This is a new ministry opportunity that will help us as parents and spiritual leaders to reinforce the Word of God into our young daughters through fun interactive lessons. The King’s Daughter’s initiative is to aid in helping young ladies become the women that God has created them to be by confirming them of their Royal Calling!
My vision for The King’s Daughter’s for each young lady that attends is that they will learn to appreciate their unique personality and their immeasurable worth to the Creator of the universe. I look forward to tackling such issues as self-esteem, positive peer- pressure, modest dress, setting goals, pursuing dreams, courtship, beauty, and even sharing the Gospel with others and so much more!
In my circle of Christian mentors I have several women that I look up to that are willing to provide much aid in these meetings offering them an opportunity also to do what God has called them to do. As seasoned women of God it is their calling to be mentors for our young daughters and to lead them in the way of holiness. The Word of God tells us “to be ye holy even as I am Holy.” And I know that you feel the same way I do that it is past time for us to be teaching these young girls how to live a HOLY and CONSECRATED life.
I am asking for your support. Our mission is to only complement what is already implemented in the home. And as you well know we cannot accomplishment much on our own without your support. I ask that you communicate with your child about what they will learn and find ways to reinforce the lessons at home. This will insure that your child will be receiving on both our end and yours the adequate attention that she so desperately needs at her fragile age. As a parent your child needs and wants you to stand by your boundaries and hold them accountable. It is so important to teach your child to take responsibility for his or her actions so they will grow up into mature adults.
My hope is that through this experience we as teachers, parents, mentors, and children can grow together in unity to accomplish more for the Kingdom of God. I ask that you to commit this to much prayer as I feel it will be a vital tool for God to use to mold and shape these young ladies into women of God on a mission!!

Thank You,
Ashley Byrd

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